Educating Managers on the challenges of menopause in the workplace. Giving you the tools and confidence to improve employee engagement, company reputation, staff retention and employee well-being.

An Embarassment Free - Business Wide Training Opportunity - without the intrusion of intimate detail or complex biology.

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"Line managers don’t need to be medical experts, nor should they be. Menocourse deals with menopause in very thoughtful and practical ways. Highly recommended for any business wishing to foster a positive environment for all."

– Dennis J Pitocco | Award Winning CEO BizCatalyst360

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"Menocourse offers a unique and informative game changing approach to raising employers knowledge and options in better managing menopause in the workplace. I happily recommend Menocourse whenever I have the opportunity."

– Clarrissa Kristjansson | The Menopause Mentor

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Menopause in the Workplace

How Much is the Menopause Costing Your Organisation and Why?